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Complete Solutions For Express & Economy Services Of International Courier , Cargo Freight & Shipping Services For Import & Export Through All Modes Of Trasportation Air, Ship, Rail & Road Within Country & Throuout The Globe .

Cargo Services

Cargo consists of bulk goods conveyed by water, air, or land. In economics, freight is cargo that is transported at a freight rate for commercial gain. Cargo was originally a shipload but now covers all types of freight, including transport by rail, van, truck, or intermodal container.[1] The term cargo is also used in case of goods in the cold-chain, because the perishable inventory is always in transit towards a final end-use, even when it is held in cold storage or other similar climate-controlled facility. The term freight is commonly used to describe the movements of flows of goods being transported by any mode of transportation

Air Cargo Service

Air cargo contributes by carrying important shipments all over the world and facilitates the supply chain of, foodstuff, mail, automotive parts, electronics, flowers, vaccines, medical supplies, high-value shipments like jewelry, livestock, horses, airplane parts, and many other important shipments that support businesses and keep jobs around the globe.

Air cargo means: fast shipping, reliable arrival and departure times, shipments can be sent almost anywhere, secure and with low risk, less packaging and less need for warehousing, and cargo possibility of being tracked.

Shipping Services

INEXT Express handle shipping and transportation, while also offering advanced warehouse management, inbound freight coordination, order fulfillment, and outbound shipping and delivery. Every function of supply chain management is available, and close collaboration is essential.

Road Cargo Services

INEXT Express also referred to as 'road haulage' or 'road transport', road freight is the transfer of goods and merchandise on roadways with the use of a vehicle (usually a truck). This is one of the most common modes of transport for goods worldwide because it's efficient, effective and considerably less expensive that air freight

Rail Services

We also offer the Rail service, It is a means of transport, on vehicles which run on tracks (rails or railroads). It is one of the most important, commonly used and very cost effective modes of commuting and goods carriage over long, as well as, short distances.

Courier Services

Courier services focuses on express and door-to-door delivery. Couriers may use self-owned, privately shared or public transportation to supply these services. Included are express delivery services, which might include, for example, on-demand pick-up or time-definite delivery

Packers & Moveres

We also offer a customized and modified range of services that can help people in the moving of households and official belongings. This guarantees the easy relocation of goods with 100% safety and security.


Our company also provide reliable and hassle-free delivery at high speed. This helps the businesses to make their customers happy and impress them by delivering the products early. A satisfied customer is more likely to deliver from the business than any other person.

Custom Clearance

Customs clearance is the act of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo into a country (import) and outside the country (export).
Customs clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, then the shipper will provide documentation confirming customs duties that are paid and the shipment can be processed.

Logistic Consultance

A logistics consultant works closely with clients to evaluate their supply chain and identify areas where it can be improved. As a logistics consultant, you will recommend solutions to help companies optimize their supply chain and work with them to implement those solutions